Etqaan Group Consultancy in Turkey

Etqaan Group Consultancy in Turkey

The Etqaan Group consultancy in Turkey provides information and preliminary expectations for investors in the Turkish real estate sector whether about the costs of the investment projects or the expected yield, as well as the supply and demand related to the real estate project
Where successful real estate investments must have a clear methodology while thinking to do them, starting with studying the validity of the real estate for investment and the subsequent procedures necessary to establish investment projects

Real estate marketing in

Marketing projects based on our experience in real estate marketing and the wide client base that we have

Real estate consultancy in Turkey

Etqaangroup Real Estate Company in Turkey provides preliminary information and expectations to investors in the Turkish real estate sector

Real estate development in Turkey

Etqaangroup Real Estate, we always provide the best opportunities for real estate developers from our experience in the Turkish real estate market

One of Etqaan Group services is the real estate consultancy service, by informing investors about the Turkish real estate sector, where we evaluate what the investor wants to achieve through his investment, and creating an appropriate strategy in light of this

This service is not only about residential real estate investments such as residential complexes but also commercial real estate investments such as offices, hotels, land, farms and shopping centers through a specialized team of professional real estate appraisal experts, investment experts and the development of real estate projects. Our company is responsible for the progress of the investment and the completion of all legal conditions for contracting before the competent authorities in Turkey

Conditions of the Turkish real estate market have recently led to a rise in performance and a decrease in risk. These conditions have resulted in increased demand for investment in Turkey in general and investment in Istanbul in particular. Therefore, the most important point that an investor should focus on while investing in the ever-growing Turkish real estate market is the accuracy of choice, as immovable funds (real estate) like other movable funds needs to be professionally managed to maintain the value and generate greater financial profit

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