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Etqaan Group Real Estate is a global multi business company Able to satisfy its clients. Etqaan Group Real Estate has been innovative in mapping out investment plans by distributing business over many investments. Through an integrated team

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Real estate conforming to the requirements of Turkish citizenship in terms of real estate evaluation. He also learned about the conditions, procedures, stages of Turkish citizenship and the necessary identification papers

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The best real estate for sale in Turkey at reasonable prices for real estate investment in the best real estate projects and the most important investment areas


Etqaan Group Real Estate Company provides a wide range of services to meet all the requirements of real estate investors in the Turkish market in an efficient and accurate manner through a specialized team. We provide all our services on the basis of scientific research and preliminary feasibility studies to evaluate the real estate developer

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Our Mission

Development of real estate sector through improvement of investment opportunities and creative professional management, to contribute to the stability of real estate investments and create a safe investment for all categories of real estate investors,in accordance with the best international standards and practices surrounding investment field and to ensure the high level quality standards and added value to our customers and investors. At Etqaan Real Estate we strive to achieve excellence services to our clients in terms of enhancing the access of all customers to the best possible value for their investments in order to guarantee the excellence of quality and performance

Our Vision

Etqaangroup Real Estate is a global, multi-business company. that is able to satisfy its customers. Etqaan Real Estate has been innovative in drawing up its investment plans by distributing business to many investments ,Through an integrated team based on cooperation to reach the great success to our customers and to develop the assets of the company locally and abroad, by entering into mega projects

Our Strategy

Where the bulk of the company's work is in the projects and huge real estate investments,which are always not announced at the time of conclusion and the strategy of the company is as follows Identify and determine the list of customers to whom the project or property is suitable. Preparation of explanatory and informative tools of the property. Direct contact with our customers both inside and outside the Kingdom. Achieving the requirements of the client and participating in all procedures,including preparation of blueprints, clearance of land from overlaps and evacuation of the property from any obstacles that prevent finalizing of the sale

Development of real estate sector.. investment opportunities and creative professional management

Our services

Real estate marketing in

Marketing projects based on our experience in real estate
marketing and the wide client base that we have

Real estate consultancy in

Etqaangroup Real Estate Company in Turkey provides preliminary information and expectations to investors in the Turkish real estate sector

Real estate development in Turkey

Etqaangroup Real Estate, we always provide the best opportunities for real estate developers
from our experience in the Turkish real estate market

Recently Added Properties

Relaxing Apartment

123 Smith Drive, Istanbul

4 Beds 2 Baths 2,000 Sq Ft

Villa in Brooklyn

123 smith drive, Istanbul

2 Beds 1 Baths 1,234 Sq Ft
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